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Technology is a strategic and increasingly important component to your organization’s objectives, and DAB Consulting can be one of your most trusted and productive allies. In a rapidly evolving and complex economy, serving the market with excellence requires devoting special attention to technology.

DAB Consulting is an expert in technology and all aspects of it within your business which utilizes it.

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IT Infrastructure, Systems Integration, Government Compliance, Security, Project Management


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How We Help

Our managed services provide constant monitoring of your technology assets which allows to not expend unnecessary time and resources supporting your organization.
DAB Consulting provides a total end-to-end solution for organizations for various compliance requirements such as HIPAA / HITECH for healthcare organizations.  Let us help you meet federal requirements for the privacy and protection of patient health information (PHI).
There has never been a higher need to prevent unauthorized access of your protected assets.  DAB Consulting provides our customers various solutions to give you the peace of mind that your data is safe.
Your company is unique and as such you deserve a solution that is created specifically to allow you to meet your goals and vision for the future.

Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients!

What We Do

DAB Consulting provides solutions to allow our customers the ability to have a competitive edge in their competitive landscape. By utilizing our processes that are custom tailored for your goals will allow your organization to meet its vision while maintaining a control on costs and effective use of resources.

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