The Importance of Protecting Your Data

Every day there is another article on the Internet, a television special, or post to social media where some organization’s sensitive data has been compromised by unauthorized parties and caused innumerable harm to the organization and its employees.  Various companies and organizations that have had well publicized data breaches include the Sony, Target,  and the […]

Data Breach at UCLA Medical Center

It seems that large scale digital information breaches are becoming a cold and strangely frequent reality for big organizations recently. On May 5, 2015, a breach of information was discovered at the UCLA Medical Center. The breach may have went undiscovered since as far back as September of 2014. Those affected include UCLA Health’s patients […]

Multi-Factor Authentication and its importance

One of the main things we get asked is how to improve user security.  Most corporate users don’t want to be encumbered with carrying secure-ID cards or other devices that allow them to authenticate on the network.  Small organizations do not have the manpower or the money to spend on implementing a smartcard authentication within […]