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Multi-Factor Authentication and its importance

One of the main things we get asked is how to improve user security.  Most corporate users don’t want to be encumbered with carrying secure-ID cards or other devices that allow them to authenticate on the network.  Small organizations do not have the manpower or the money to spend on implementing a smartcard authentication within its network and that is where multi-factor authentication comes in to play.

Multi-Factor, also known as secondary factory authentication requires users to have an additional form of authentication besides a typed-in password.  This is utilized for several different type of markets that you might not even realize you are using.  Large banks and other financial centers will often require you to input both a password as well as receive a text message or other login marker that is used to finalize entry into their website.  Most users will always have accessible to them their cell phone or office telephone and these multi-factor services use these devices to prove that you are the one logging in.

DAB Consulting can provide recommendations, implementation, and post-install support of a variety of multi-factor options from the leading providers in the marketplace.  Even if you do no utilize our services with today’s cyberattacks there is no play other than to have enabled a secondary form of authentication and it should be implemented on any system that has access to the Internet.

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